William Kamkwamba 1


The boy who harnessed the wind...

William Kamkwamba is a Malawian inventor and author. He gained fame in his country when, in 2002, he built a windmill to power a few electrical appliances in his family's house using blue gum trees, bicycle parts, and materials collected in a local scrapyard. Please follow this link to download a Powerpoint presentation from Wendy and Paul Holmes (St Mary the Virgin CE Primary School) to find out more about his amazing and inspiring invention.


One School

Schools linking at its best offers a framework for exploring identity, diversity, equality and community, building positive relationships and developing aspiration and social responsibility.

It gives opportunities for teachers to meet and work together to plan linking projects, tailored to their school’s needs; with equitable benefits for all concerned, with safe yet challenging learning experiences and with tools for reflective practice in their own classes to embed learning.

Starfish explores the world from a Christian viewpoint, giving expression to the goal to “love our neighbour” . This impacts the way that we not only relate to one another, but the way that we look after our environment. As we bring schools together from Malawi and the UK, our hope is that we are better together than we are apart. We have much to learn from one another. We value diversity. Relationships are equitable and mutual. Our goal is to see a world which acknowledges God as Creator and Redeemer.

Our Vision

Through Starfishers we want all children to become responsible global citizens, understanding and actively playing their part in making this world a wonderful place for us all to live, as such we believe a global child is an INSPIRED child.


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