Year 3 Curriculum Activity D:

A focus on litter in our local environment.

Start with the Shared Curriculum document, (Shared Curriculum Document Year 3) which outlines the topics studied in the curriculum in in your Year Group both in Malawi and the UK around the topics of 'Water and Litter'. These topics are being studied as part of your normal activities. We want to bring your lesson alive, as you share your findings with Malawi.

Activity D - Litter

  • Find out how we can look after our local environment. Focus on asking and answering questions about litter. How much? What type? What does this tell each school about the other?

Finding sustainable solutions to mange our litter and waste again is a global issue which can no longer be ignored. Please Click HERE to download an excellent teaching resource published by the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust as part of their Eco Schools Malawi programme, to discover how schools in Malawi are focusing on tackling the real issues of waste management.

Classroom Activities

Picking up litter

There are numerous activities listed below to help you create a fun and informative lesson on the topic of litter.

Once you've worked out what's best for your class please make sure you complete The Eco School Case Study Template and send it to us via the pinboard to help us improve our service to you and the children.


Suggested Lessons:

  • Do a big litter day in your school - Record what you collect. Itemise and share with your partner school. What does this tell you about your link school and their life? See Litter – Useful links recycling in schools and watch the film on Starfish TV "Tiverton High School”.
  • Starfish TV - Watch "Stop littering" and "Trailer Rubbish".
  • Litter Busters - Do the "litter busters" sheet under shared work and case studies.
  • Environmental Review - Complete theEnvironmental Review, especially the litter section.
  • There are a wealth of additional resources available to review. We strongly recommend "Our Changing Environment" under shared work and case studies, which will develop communication between yourselves and your link school.

Click HERE to research the full Starfishers "Litter and Waste" section which will also aid your work on this topic.

Litter - Useful Links

Eco friendly kids - Simply facts about litter and waste.

Love to know green living - Top ten litter courses.

Eco Schools- Fantastic resources to keep Britain tidy.

Recycle Now: Schools - How much does your school waste.

Rethink Waste - Quiz's, Videos and Competitions.

Re-think - Meet the 'Green Team'.

Radio 4 Costing the Earth- A great podcast about recycling old landfill sites (27:56).

Please follow this link to further ecology focused podcasts from Radio 4.

Starfish TV - Useful Internet Videos


Shared Work and Case Studies for Activity D

Holy Trinity CE Primary School linked with Mkanakhoti Primary School

Download: Brick Making Case Study

Year 3 Activity D -Do the 'Litter Busters' sheet- Colouring, competition, wordsearch, word pick and letter search.

Year 3 Activity D -Eco Bricks Powerpoint   / Eco Bricks Powerpoint - Teachers Notes- Also in Year 5 Activity G.

Year 3 Activity D - Our changing environment- A more detailed joint curriculum project with your link school about litter and waste.

Year 3 Activity D - Environmental Review and Action Plan- Environmental review to share with your link school.

Year 3 Activity D -Eco-schools in UK and Malawi- Help to begin Eco school with a case study to show you how.

If you're thinking  about becoming an Eco School? Then please follow the link.

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