Litter & Waste

Our primary goal is to bring into the classroom in Malawi and UK engaging and collaborative teaching around environmental issues. Flowing from improved learning will come changed knowledge, behaviour and attitude within the community as a whole. 

Eco is a new curriculum area in Malawi. By making the school the hub of education and introducing practical programmes, this will create a powerful, visual expression of change for generations to come.



Various practical action projects will be introduced flowing from the teaching Our lead project seeks effectively to utilise part of our environmental problem (by recycling litter and waste into eco-briquettes) and make it into part of the solution (using these as a sustainable alternative to firewood) providing Malawi with a cheap alternative to wood burning, healthier and longer lives for hundreds of thousands of women, better attendance in school, local employment, environmental care and above all generational change through education within the schools.

Litter, rice husks, peanut shells, dried grasses (things currently burnt and destroyed, and causing health and environmental problems) are recycled it into something valuable. By addressing one issue it becomes the answer to another.


Short Film: Fuel / Biomass Briquettes



This is one of the greatest issues facing Africa today. The effects of deforestation are tangible: less rain, hotter climates, soil erosion, and drought bring famine, poverty, and starvation. Yet in Malawi, an area of forest the size of a football pitch is cut down every 10 minutes! Deforestation brings loss of habitat and a biodiversity crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of women in Malawi die prematurely because of smoke inhalation from the burning of firewood. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.6 million people die prematurely from smoke inhalation every year — that’s more people than die of malaria! These effects are most poignant for women and children who spend most of their day around the fire.

We seek a world where the land produces a better harvest, where there are less orphans, with informed and savvy children….. a better life, and the substitution of firewood by litter will make a tangible difference

Flooding and Deforestation...


Please follow the link below to download an excellent powerpoint presentation supplied by Fiona Gibbon at Old Bexley Primary school (linked with Napache) highlighting the power we all have to tackle environmental issue in our communities.

This inspirational presentation focuses on the life of Waangari Maathai who's singlehanded determination and dedication in tackling deforestation in her homeland has helped to change the face of Kenya amongst other african countries, earning her the noble peace prize.


Ripple Africa- Fuel efficient cook stove project

Ripple Africa focuses on environment, education and healthcare in the Nkhata Bay District of Malawi. The Changu Changu Moto stove is a positive alternative to traditional open fires. It is simple, low cost, has a low tech sustainable structure and is sourced 100% from local materials. This stove reduces deforestation in the local area, as well as greatly reducing the direct inhalation of smoke. 


1: Wonderfuel

Other practical low cost simple programmes are included in the main report under the PRACTICAL ACTION section. We attach the full educational and practical proposal, for which Starfish is seeking funding.

Below you will find PowerPoint presentations showing the different social, economic, natural and political issues which the eco-stove seeks to address.