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School Profile



Head Teacher: Mrs Charity Mguntha.

Link Co-ordinator: Mr Benard Simbeye.

Total number of pupils: 454 boys: 217    girls: 237

Age range of school: 5-16

Class enrolment:

Standard 1:   46 Boys, 49 Girls.

Standard 2:  26 Boys, 32 Girls.

Standard 3:  33 Boys, 26 Girls.

Standard 4:  18 Boys, 32 Girls. 

Standard 5:  20 Boys, 30 Girls. 

Standard 6:  27 Boys, 30 Girls. 

Standard 7:  25 Boys, 26 Girls.

Standard 8:  22 Boys, 12 Girls.


The school is in a located in the southern part of Mzimba district in Malawi. It is a government school but with a local school management committee that assists the Headteacher on the day to day running of the schoolThe whole school management structure consists of the School Committee, PTA (Parents Teachers Association) then on professional matters the Headteacher reports to the District Education Manager.

Like any other primary school in Malawi, Kaufipa School teaches subjects like, English, Maths, Religious Education, General Studies, Agriculture Home economics and Science.

A normal school Day starts quite early and is as follows:

07:00 - 07:30  - Pupils clean their classrooms and the surroundings.

07:30 - 09:15  - Lessons start.

09:15 - 09:25  - Break.

09:25 - 11:10  - Lessons.

11:10 - 11:20  - Break.

11:20 - 13:05  - Lessons end.

14:30 - 15:00  - Extra curriculum activities (playing football, athletics) after which children go home.

(Extra curriculum activities take place once or twice a week).

The School hopes that the link to a UK school will:

  • Enable the sharing of experiences about education between linked schools.
  • The link will greatly assist children to work hard after learning about their colleagues in the UK.
  • Teachers will also be able to enhance their professional skills through dialogue and interaction with fellow teachers in the UK.