Starfishers small steps poster copy

Preparing – Year 1

  • Share news with each other at least 3 times per year.
  • Do a Global citizenship audit.
  • Plan for completing Connecting Classrooms Grant (after 6 months).
  • Investigation/Foundation work to discover each other’s school/country/culture. Simple questions.
  • Create link page on noticeboard in school.
  • Bronze Award Eco schools.
  • Foundation International Schools Award.
  • Questions arising the photograph exchange.
  • Do the “Perceptions Test”.
  • 10/10/10 Strategy - 10 points they would like to ask their counterparts about themselves. 10 points of information about themselves that they would like their counterparts to know about them, and 10 rights which they feel that every child or young person should have.



Developing – Year 2

  • Develop communication e.g. Skype calls.
  • Materials to collect from your partner community : songs, maps and charts, magazines, leaflets, posters, adverts, newspapers, artefacts, menus, photographs.
  • Share jokes, stories, questionnaires, timetables, project work, competitions. 
  • Share joint collaborative project in at least one year group.
  • Phone link school.
  • Use Starfishers website in classes.
  • Connecting Classrooms Grant - share in completing it.
  • Agree a Partnership Agreement.  
  • Intermediate International Schools Award.
  • Silver Eco Schools.
  • Complete Starfish Environmental Review and share.
  • Eco Case study complete for a topic.
  • Link Starfishers to school’s website.
  • Discuss the games children play.
  • Going places, transport and travel.
  • What do you do when the school is closed? What are your favourite foods? Food/recipe.


St Margarets 2

Embedding – Year 3

  • Write relationship with linked school into school development plan.
  • Traditional storytelling.
  • Widen participation to whole school.
  • Impact assessment of change in understanding.
  • Regular communication embedded.
  • Green Flag Eco Award.
  • Connecting Classrooms Grant.
  • Complete Starfish Action Plan and share.
  • Complete “Reactivity” exercise.
  • Rights Respecting School or Go Givers.
  • Investigate together a local, national or global issue or campaign.
  • Who would you like to meet and what would you like to say to them?

Expanding – Year 4

  • Share link with community around school.
  • Involve parents, governors, community in projects.
  • Visit local schools in area to share experiences.
  • Full International schools award.
  • Global citizenship audit – what has changed over the years?
  • A full International audit to identify and measure changes of outlook.
  • Skills audit in the school.
  • Connecting Classrooms Grant.
  • Discuss issues and write letters to UN/WHO or government.