Observations & Perceptions Games

Observations Game: Q & A activity

When looking at two different cultures, we recognise the diversity of the world which God made. Often our reaction can be to change the other world to look like ours. The Observations Game allows children the opportunity of trying to see the world through other eyes. Through a series of who, why, when, what, how questions, children in both schools are able to find out answers to different ways of life through a “picture dialogue”. The two photographs illustrate typical shopping scenes in Malawi and the UK.

This is done through children asking and answering each other questions around two shopping photos to stimulate dialogue. Our hope is that this will be a springboard to greater understanding of each other’s lives.

Photo Activity - What to do?

Starfish Observation Malawi

Starfish Observation UK

Assistance is given below as to how this works in class:

Observation Game example questions about Malawi

If you require further inspiration, please refer to Hurst Green’s questions and answers:

Observation Game Q&A Hurst Green

See the questions the children wanted to ask each other:

Q&A from Boma School (Malawi) about life in the UK

Answers to Lfidzi Primary School (Malawi) from Valley Road (UK)

Answers to Valley Road (UK) from Lifidzi Primary School (Malawi)


Perceptions Game

The way we see the World affects the way we live. The perceptions game enables children to challenge their preconceptions of the world and especially Africa, to discover not only new things but also to discover themselves along the journey.