Starfish Achievements in Malawi

Please find below an overview of our achievements within education in Malawi.

Malawi - UK Linked Schools

Local schools in Salima and Kasungu have been linked with UK Schools as part of the British Council link programme.  Those included are as follows:

11 in Kasungu District:

Kaufipa, Thasa, Mkanakhoti, Kauyemba, Vazala, Sopani, Chikwawa, Boma, Kajendere, Chikomambuzi and Kanthenga.

34 in Salima District:

Mgoza, Chipoka 2, Kaphatenga, Chigombe, Chimbalanga, Kalonga, Kambwiri, Chimweta, Chitipi, Salima LEA, Mchoka, Salima Secondary, Kaputu, Simayiwa, Mtiya, Ngodzi, Chitiwiri, Thugulu, Chitala, Chikombola, Chikuluti, Maganga, Napache, Ngolowindo, Chimsolo, Katitima, Chiyembekezo (Chapsinja), Makande, Chiluwa II, Chipili ( Lilongwe ), Mtumbira, Naluva, Thavite and Msalura CDSS.


Partnership in Kasungu District

We also work in partnership with the District Education Manager for Kasungu District and have developed a number of school links there, totalling 25.  Also we sponsor 29 secondary school students from Kasungu primary schools plus those wishing to continue into further training including teaching, journalism, driving, carpentry, etc.

The following is a summary of the school construction and projects funded and managed by Starfish Malawi as a result of the above links.


Kaputu Primary School
Solar powered lighting (2014)
4 School blocks
1 Administration block
1 School Hall
3 Standard teachers' houses
4 Double students' toilets
1 Double staff toilet
1 Borehole (well)

Simaewa Primary School
3 School blocks
2 Teachers' houses
1 Borehole (well)
3 Double toilets

Kalonga Primary School
1 Double Toilet

Msalura Primary School
4 Toilets Fencing around toilets
Electricity provision and computers

Chitiwiri Primary School
1 Teacher’s house
1 Library
1 Staffroom and installation of solar lighting in classroom
1 washing tub
Kitchen & Shelter
GATEWAY project
1 Toilet block

Mgoza Primary School
4 Toilets
1 Teacher’s house


Nthumbo Primary School
5 Toilets

Kaphirintiwa CDSS
1 Teacher’s house

Katitima Primary School
1 Teacher’s house
3 Double toilets
1 School block

Roofing of Church by Link School/Community

Kanongola Primary School
2 Teachers' houses

Rain water harvesting done directly by link school (2013)

Thavite School
2 Double Toilets

Senga Bay Primary School
1 Toilet

Chipoka Secondary School
288 Beds for boarders
Computer suite

Mchepa Primary School
4 Toilets
1 School block roofing

Chiluwa II Primary School
1 Double toilet

Chilanga Primary School
1Double toilet


Chipoka II Primary School
1 Double toilet
School office
Afforestation project

Mtiya School
1 Double toilet

Napache Primary School
1 Teacher’s office
1 Teacher’s house
Farming Project
Sewing Project

Mkhula Primary School
1 Double toilet
Maintenance of 1 school block roofing

Chikombola School
1 Classroom
2 Double toilets

Salima LEA
3 Toilets blocks with 3, 4 and 3 rooms

Matenje Primary School
1 Double toilet

Chiyembekezo (Chapsinja) 
2 School block
2 Teachers Houses
1 Nursery School

3 Toilet blocks

Kambwiri Primary School
1 School block
1 Double toilet
1 office and storeroom

Secondary School Sponsorship

Secondary school education in Malawi is not free, so Starfish Malawi decided to introduce a Secondary Education Sponsorship Programme back in 2005. So far 210 students have benefited from the scheme, with 108 currently in the programme.


3 sponsored to attend schools for the deaf

120 sponsored students attending secondary schools in Kasungu and Salima Districts

And we have the following 4 students at university:


Isha Kazembe at University of Malawi, Polytechnic; Morton Sibale at University of Malawi, Chancellor College;Bahat Bakali at Lilongwe College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda; and Goodluck Banda at Lilongwe College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda.

Also we have three students completing their teacher training.

We would like to thank the District Councillor and District Education Manager for the support given in mobilising the communities to participate in the developments for their local schools.


GATEWAY - Girls Access To Education

GATEWAY, is a programme established in 2012. Education is such a crucial thing, yet every month girls are absent due to not having adequate menstrual sanitary protection. Therefore we have groups of women here in Malawi at Chitiwiri school, Napache school and GTOC making the GATEWAY packs, which consist of washable pads and knickers – giving comfort, confidence and dignity. We also have introduced the idea to some of the linked schools and soon will launch groups at Mchoka, Katitima, Chipoka II and Kajendere School.

There are over 60 girls on the starfish sponsorship programme, including those who are now out of the programme. All the adolescent girls at Chitiwiri and Napache are benefiting from the packs. In addition, at Chitiwiri, the programme has also reached out to the community whereby the groups making the packs sell those in excess to the community and use the money to help needy students at the schools.


Bible Explorers

Bible Explorer is an educational programme currently being rolled out to 22 primary schools in the Salima District as part of the Bible knowledge curriculum. The BX presenter’s goal is to provide Bible knowledge through sharing the various stories to raise spiritual awareness and encourage good life choices for children of all faiths. The presenters use hand signs and story-telling, and discuss how they can be applied to real life situations. So far the programme has reached about 5,500 children.