Shoesday Tuesday

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The vast majority of children in Malawi walk to school, and many do not even own a pair of shoes. Able & Cole have wonderfully collected almost 18,000 pairs of shoes that have made their way to Malawi.

If your school is participating in our Shoesday Tuesday mufti day, your £2 will give a child in your linked school additional resources in the classroom. This will mean that their walk to school in their new shoes will be full of great promise for the future.

Video: The Abel & Cole Van - On the road


The wackiest, most wonderful and supercalafragalistic photos, will receive a great prize. If you would like to take part then please send your photos to Chris Knott with your name and school. Thank you for your support.

“The whole school took part in ‘Shoesday Tuesday’ to support and raise money for children in Malawi.

We came to school wearing funky footwear with a £2 contribution (£1 for each shoe!), Starfish held a special assembly to explain how our support would help children who do not have even one pair of shoes.

The school council decided to run a funky shoe design competition. We had some wonderful and wacky ideas!”
— Jenny Mathie - Colliers Green Primary School

Download: Shoesday Tuesday Newsletter 2015

Abel & Cole - Farmers Choice, Fundraising for Schools

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