Small steps to BIG change

The Starfish story tells of a young boy, who sees the starfish problem, when his parent, like a rabbit in headlights, does nothing because the problem is too big. The young boy bends down, picks up the starfish, throws it into the water and says "made a difference to that one".



Children often see what parents don't.

We believe that each person is made by God to make a difference.
This is the way that we have been made. Everyone has the ability to help and getting engaged. It is not about money, though this may play a part, but it is about involving ourselves. Those who have been to Malawi have seen with their own eyes the massive gulf in resources between schools in the UK and Malawi. Our response is to fulfil our Godly desire to make a difference, because we care. If we all did a little then we would (by working together) end up doing a lot.


Small actions multiplied by many people
equals BIG change.

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Teachers & School Support

Starfish offer teachers support to develop their link. This includes visits to schools in the UK and Malawi incorporating assemblies, classes, staff meetings and assistance in filling out the grant applications. 

Connecting classrooms is the British Council grant available for teachers in the UK to visit their link school in Malawi. As part of this, every school must have at least the minimum level of the International School Award.

We have tried to give some practical advice about starting the link and taking the link forward. The other documents are intended to assist you to develop your link.

We also offer Bible Explorer to local schools.  This is a Key Stage 2 resource for years 5 and 6. Please contact Chris Knott on (01580) 850251 if you are interested. We have presented this in 10 linked schools locally.