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One of the many exciting aspects of Schools Linking are the trips to Malawi. In previous years we have supported reciprocal visits that have left a lasting impression upon teachers from both Malawi and those in the UK. “Life changing”, “amazing”, are words that flow from the lips of those who return after their trip.

Teachers Visit:  Old Bexley CE Primary school linked with Napache Primary school (Salima District)

Teachers Visit: Old Bexley CE Primary school linked with Napache Primary school (Salima District)

Many schools have been funded by the British Council, and over the years Starfish Malawi has assisted over 100 teachers to visit their link school.

Please follow the links below to download a few of the many reports we receive back:

Christ College & Malowa

High Weald Academy & Salima Secondary School

Hollingbourne & Kaputu

Holy Trinity & Mkanakhoti

Kanthenga & Weald

Lawn & Chikuluti

Salehurst & Katitima

St John's Mead & Chiluwa 2

St Mary's Hartfield & Kajendere

Swadelands & Msalura

DOWNLOAD: Teachers Visit Report JUNE 2015

Salehurst CE Primary School linked to Katitima Primary School

Please find below a slideshow set to music by an ex-pupil from Salehurst CE Primary school,Hebe Gilham who composed 'Make a Difference' as a theme for Starfish Malawi.

Thank you Hebe for your wonderful contribution.

Hebe Gilham
Hebe Gilham

Connecting Classrooms

Grant Final Reporting

All recipients of a Connecting Classrooms grant must report at the end of the funding period, regardless of whether they may wish to reapply for a further year of Connecting Classrooms funding or not. Please click here to download an excellent example of a Grant Final report from St Joseph’s Catholic primary School linked with Chipili Primary School.


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Schools Trip Reports:


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