Year 3 Curriculum Activity C:

Consider the use of water in the world.

Start with the Shared Curriculum document, (Shared Curriculum Document Year 3) which outlines the topics studied in the curriculum in in your Year Group both in Malawi and the UK around the topics of 'Water' and 'Litter'. These topics are being studied as part of your normal activities. We want to bring your lesson alive, as you share your findings with Malawi.

Activity C - Water

  • Discuss use of water in both schools. What is the impact of water on human life?

  • Compare the availability and access to water in both countries.

Climate change is currently the most urgent issue on the global agenda and the affects for those already living in challenging environments can be devastating. Please Click HERE to download an excellent teaching resource published by theLilongwe Wildlife Trustas part of their Eco Schools Malawi programme todiscover how drastic changes in the climate are impacting on day to day life in Malawi.

Classroom Activities

Water Lessons Ayesha 1

There are numerous activities listed below to help you create a fun and informative lesson on the topic of water.

Once you've worked out what's best for your class please make sure you complete a Case Study of your findings and send it to us via the pinboard to help us improve our service to you and the children.


Suggested Lessons:

World Water Day was the 22nd March this year. Please follow the link to access some great water related resources to use in your next lesson.

Water of Life - Powerpoint PresentationWater of Life - Slide NotesA fantastic interactive presentation focusing on the effects of too much and too little water in rural Malawi.

Diamond Ranking Water Facts Game-  Printable worksheet of 9 facts to cut out and discuss in small groups.

Water Facts - A collection of facts about water around the world.

GoGivers - Our most Precious Resource (Powerpoint) & Learning activities worksheet.


Water - Useful Links

Water Aid Malawi - Leading water charity in Malawi.

Images of water in Malawi- Images you can use for classwork.

Water, sanitation and hygiene promotion from UNICEF- Information about health & hygiene, water, education & much more.

Images of water pollution in Malawi.

Rivers in Malawi- Great site for all things Malawi, from culture to wellbeing.

Interactive map of Malawi- A to Z of topics from children's stories to traditions (includes videos).

Images of Rivers in Malawi.

Climate change and all you need to know - "eschools today" information on climate change, pollution, greenhouse gases.

Climate change– Activities page.

Starfish TV - Useful Internet Videos


A big thanks to Holy Trinity, Northwood for the use of this video.

Shared Work & Case Studies Year 3 Activity C

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Please follow this link to Danson Primary School's website to view some fantastic work, focused on developing a greater understanding of water, waste and litter issues.

Glibside School: Water Case Study

Holy Trinity CE Primary Schoollinked with Mkanakhoti Primary School: 

Download: Water Case Study / Supporting Case Study Photos

This was a shared project between both schools - Holy Trinity and Mkanakhoti. We decided to undertake this project as we felt it was important for pupils at both schools to understand the ways in which we can conserve water.


We wanted pupils to learn from one another and share knowledge of how each country uses water.

We wanted the children to gain a better understanding of where water comes from and how we can reduce the consumption of water in the UK.

Case Study - Water Project

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