Linked Schools in Programme

Schools linking is not just school to school, but about a community of schools sharing together around common themes.

Why not look at what others are doing. It’s good to know there are other schools out there with similar goals.

Be motivated and Be INSPIRED by others...

UK & Malawi Schools


Benenden CE Primary School - Mgosa Primary School

Borough Green Primary School - Kaufipa Primary School

Brunswick House Primary School - Chipoka 2 Primary School

Burwash C.E. Primary School - Maganga Secondary School

Cranbrook CE Primary School - Kambwiri Primary School

Danson Primary School - Chimweta Primary School

Downe Primary School - Msalura Primary School

Duke of Kent School -  Salima Primary & Visually Impaired School

Elvenden CE Primary Academy - Chitipi Primary School

Etchingham CE Primary School - Thasa Primary School

Featherby Junior School - Mchoka Primary School

Firle CE Primary School - Thawale Primary  School

Four Elms Primary School - Chimbalanga Primary School

Frewen College - Chitiwiri

Hollingbourne Primary School - Kaputu Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School - Mkanakhoti Primary School

Hoo St Werburgh Primary School - Simayiwa Primary School

Horsted infants & Junior Schools - Mtiya Primary School

Ightham Primary School - Thugulu Primary School

Lady Royd Preparatory School & Nursery School - Kaphinrintiwa Primary School

Lamberhurst St, Mary's Primary School - Chikombola Primary School

Lawn Primary School - Chikuluti Primary School

Madginford Park Junior School - Vazala Primary School

Maplesden Noakes (Secondary School) - Maganga Secondary School

Marden Primary School - Ngolowindo Primary School

Old Bexley CE Primary School - Napache Primary School

Priors Primary School - Chimsolo Primary School

Salehurst CE Primary School - Katitima Primary School

Sissinghurst (VA) CE Primary School - Boma Primary School

South Malling CE Primary School - Makande Primary School

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Chipili Primary School

St. John's Meads Primary School - Chiluwa 2 Primary School

St. Margarets Junior School - Mtumbira Primary School

St. Marks CE Primary School - Naluva Primary School

St. Mary the Virgin CE Primary School - Kajendere Primary School

Storrington First Primary School - Thavite

Swadelands School (Secondary) - Msalura Secondary

Weald Community Primary School - Kanthenga Primary School