Managing the Link

We recommend that a group is formed in your school to take responsibility for ensuring that the school link works from your side. This would ideally include a mixture of teachers, governors, pupils and parents, to try to ensure wide community participation in the scheme. We require that schools in Malawi do the same.

DOWNLOAD:Linking Sharing leaflet


Photos of the school noticeboard in St Margaret's CE Junior School, Rainham, linked to Mtumbira Primary School, Malawi.


Developing a Plan

  • The next stage is for your ‘school linking group’ to agree a set of objectives for the scheme in general and the year ahead specifically. Again, Starfish will assist. Our suggestion for developing relationships is a termly class email newsletter, agreed between the two schools. Perhaps you could agree on different topics for email exchanges per school year (one per term). Children could then prepare an email on this subject and we could send these from our Starfish Malawi offices to the schools in Malawi. If this is the scheme that you wish to operate we strongly suggest a termly exchange.
  • The schools in Malawi will be asked to respond within a month maximum.

DOWNLOAD: Partnership Action Plan

Please click on the phone to find your school.

Please click on the phone to find your school.

Telephone Calls

We encourage all our schools to try contacting their link schools by phone.

Dial 09058 420806 followed by 00265 (country code) delete 0 and then the number.

This is charged at only 25p per minute!

Please find your school and give it a try. If you fail to get through, please let us know because it's not always easy!

Malawi are currently 2 hours ahead so we suggest you call from midday to 4pm when the reception is normally quite good so….

Why not give it a go?


An excellent video highlighting the importance of schools linking and managing your link