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Curriculum mapping by year group.

Dear Chris Knott, I’ve had a look at the Teacher Zone and it looks FANTASTIC and seems to really have a firm grasp on the ‘equitable’ part of partnership.
— Holly Howarth - British Council Connecting Classrooms

Schools linking at its best offers a framework for exploring identity, diversity, equality and community, building positive relationships and developing aspiration and social responsibility.

Curriculum mapping is an essential part of the Starfish Schools Linking programme. There is a necessity to integrate and embed learning into the curriculum, both in Malawi and the UK to avoid joint curriculum learning being pushed to the margins, and only looked at during such events as "Malawi day", which has to be "manufactured” to make it happen. Teachers have a busy life full of educational objectives, lessons and lesson planning, homework and a myriad of other things. In addition, it is very easy for the link to develop between two teachers (maybe the teachers who were successful on the Connecting Classrooms grant application and had visited each other's country), which ultimately puts the partnership at risk if one or other of these two individuals leaves the school. It becomes a teacher to teacher link, rather than a school to school. The link needs to broaden out to include the whole school.

We have, therefore, tried to make things easy for you. The resources have been assembled into year groups, which include the theme of the shared curriculum topic, learning activities, teaching resources, related videos and shared work/case studies.

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Primary School Activities:

Just click on your year group below to find out more about 'Curriculum Mapping' for years 1 - 6 or click on a red box to go straight to an activity.


Pre-School Learners - Nurseries Together Newsletters

For the benefit of all Nursery School children, please find below our monthly newsletters, very kindly written, produced and circulated by Jan Mileham (Starfish Malawi Trustee & Committee Member), and used by a number of pre schools in the Kent area.

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Shared Activities

Involving students in curriculum work throughout their schooling allows joint collaborative projects to emerge and embed themselves in the School Plan. Shared activities will be undertaken within the educational context, rather than as a bolt-on. Some activities have been suggested, which Starfish will support and develop. They are not intended to limit the work that can be done, but rather to give some ideas. Each year the topic will be refreshed and re-examined, with reflection, to see what changes have taken place in the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of children in both countries.

Thanks are given to Joseph Dalikeni, Primary Education Advisor in Salima, Malawi, Cathy Penfold, Head of Sissinghurst Primary, and Caroline Bromley, Head of Lamberhurst Primary, for doing the work which enables this project to develop.

Schools will be encouraged to take part in the shared learning as a whole school process.

Malawi Curriculum Mapping: Downloads

Our primary focus with this section is to build a greater understanding of educational practices in Malawi. Please find below a selection of Malawian curriculum mapping structures for Agriculture, Life Skills, Science & Technology and Social & Environmental Sciences for standards 5-8.

Standard 5

Science and Technology

Social and Environmental Sciences

Standard 6


Science and Technology

Social and Environmental Sciences

Standard 7

Life Skills


Social and Technology Part 1 / Part 2

Social and Environmental Sciences

Standard 8

Life Skills

Social and Environmental Sciences