COMMONWORK is a small group of organisations offering a range of educational and practical activities which explore in practice what it would be like to work co-operatively with nature and people worldwide, and which engage, challenge and encourage people to participate in the process of learning and exchange ideas and experience.

As well as words, we need practice and experience to bring about change in ourselves and others.

VISION - Our vision is of a fairer world, in which people collaborate with each other and with nature everywhere, recognising that all are interconnected.

MISSION - We will work towards this vision in two main ways:

firstly by exploring in practice how to work co-operatively and how to use our land, resources, and abilities so that they are enhanced rather than depleted, for the health and benefit of all;

and secondly by sharing this process with others, both in order to learn from each other, and also by enabling them through hands-on experience to take forward the vision in their own work.