Year 1 & 2 Curriculum Activity A:

Discuss the key differences between domestic and wild animals around the world.

Start with the Shared Curriculum document, (Shared Curriculum Document Year 1 & 2) which outlines the topics studied in the curriculum in in your Year Group both in Malawi and the UK around the topics of 'Domestic and wild animals and their environments. These topics are being studied as part of your normal activities. We want to bring your lesson alive, as you share your findings with Malawi.

Activity A - Domestic and wild animals

  • Learn about the differences between domestic and wild animals around the world.
  • Incorporate Starfishers 'Storytellingoptions into lesson plans.

Please Click HERE to download an excellent teaching resource published by the Lilongwe Wildlife Trustas part of their Eco Schools Malawi programme to discover more about wildlife conservation and welfare in Malawi.

Classroom Activities

Year 1 Activity A cats

There are numerous activities listed below to help you create a fun and informative lessons learning about animals around the world.

Once you've worked out what's best for your class please make sure you complete a Case Study of your findings and send it to us via the pinboard to help us improve our service to you and the children.


Suggested Lessons:

  • Group discussion. Divide an area in two – label one area ‘domestic’ and the other ‘wild’. Invite a few children to think of a favourite animal and then position themselves in the correct designated area.  They can act in the manner of their chosen animal for others to guess what they are.
  • Discuss the key differences between domestic and wild animals around the world. Pictures are available to download herefor each group.

Domestic and wild animals - Useful Links

Starfish TV - Useful Internet Videos

BBC Learning Zone: A comparison of wild cats and domestic cats(1:20)

  • Making a direct comparison of a 10-week-old lioness and a domestic cat. Both are members of the cat family and the similarities between them are discussed - face shape, teeth, eye shape, vision, whiskers, ears, paws, claws and tails.

Shared Work & Case Studies

Year 1 & 2  Activity A&B

Old Bexley Primary School

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