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Kambwiri Full Primary School is 7 km away from Salima town in central Malawi.

The school was established by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.

The school management comprises the Staff, School Committee, PTA (Parents Teachers Association) then the District Education Manager. The school however is a run by government despite being established by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.

Kambwiri School has 1006 pupils in total who are in classes 1-8 distributed as follows:

Class 1:  100 Boys, 97 Girls.

Class 2:  92 Boys, 68 Girls.

Class 3:  90 Boys, 92 Girls.

Class 4:  80 Boys, 71 Girls.

Class 5:  50 Boys, 48 Girls.

Class 6:  41 Boys, 39 Girls.

Class 7:  42 Boys, 45 Girls.

Class 8:  30 Boys, 21 Girls.


The age range of the school is 5-19 years because some children start going to school late or repeat classes if they fail the end of year tests. Although Primary education in Malawi is free it is not compulsory. The drop out rate of the school becomes high as you can see from above, enrolment declines sharply as we go into the senior classes especially for girls. There are several reasons that contribute to high drop out rate like long distances children have to walk to school, overcrowding in classes and high pupil teacher ratio among others. Kambwiri School serves a distance of about 5 km in radius.

Like any other school in Malawi, Kambwiri teaches subjects like, English, Maths, Religious Education, and General Studies.


Sitting:  Talandira M Mazengera, Jenipher E Gondwe, Patricia Banga,

2nd Row:  Salome Chilunga, Martha Batinosi, Kiliness T Kalonga, Elube Mkweza, Grace Mpamila, Chimwemwe Lende, Mc Lawrence Kashoni

3rd Row:   Magret Mankhwazi, William Nthala, Kalirani Genasi (Head Teacher), Jack Phiri, Simeon Chamama, Carlos Zathamthumba

The school has 21 teachers, 12 female teachers and 9 male teachers.

Kambwiri School hopes to improve educational standards by learning more teaching techniques. The school further hopes to have a library and some sporting activities which will help to keep the pupils active in school.

As a school, we want to be involved in the link so that we can learn from our friends in the UK especially in the developed countries. The link will greatly assist children to learn about other lands and cultures. Teachers will also be able to enhance their professional skills through dialogue and interaction with fellow teachers in the UK.

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