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Mtiya LEA Primary School is 33 km away from Salima District Township and 2km away from Lake Malawi.

Thavite Primary School is 43 km away from Salima District town centre. The school was established under the Roman Catholic Church in 1968.

The school has 22 teachers of which 9 are female teachers. However three are qualified while 6 are trainee teachers.


The school management comprises of the Staff, School Committee, PTA (Parents Teachers Association) then to the District Education Manager. The school is however managed by the government despite being established by Catholic Church.


Thavite has 1026 pupils in total who are in classes 1-8. 504 are boys and 522 are girls.

The age range of the school is 6-20 because, some children start going to school late or are repeating classes if they fail the end of year tests. Although primary education in Malawi is free it is not compulsory, the pupil drop out rate is high especially for girls. There are several reasons that contribute to this like long distances children have to walk to school, overcrowding in classes and high pupil teacher ratio among others. Besides this, the community is in a typical village where some parents do not encourage their children/wards to go to school. The school is near a market where some of the children sale items for their parents during school time leading to dropouts.

Thavite School serves a distance of about 4 km in radius and all children come from the village. The majority walks to school while a few others cycle to school. A few teachers live in school campus while the rest commute to school.


Like any other school in Malawi, Thavite teaches subjects like, English, Maths, Religious Education, Primary Science, Creative Arts and Social and Environmental Studies. In classes 4 and above pupils begin to learn life skills, Agriculture, Science, Home Economics, Creative arts.

Thavite would like to learn more from a school abroad through sharing the curriculum work, sharing news and events.

The partnership will greatly assist children to learn about different culture as well as curriculum. Teachers will also be able to enhance their professional skills through dialogue and interaction with fellow teachers in the UK.

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